Chaga Mushroom Pet Extract 32 Oz.

Chaga Mushroom Pet Extract 32 Oz.


Give your Dog or Cat this Chaga Mushroom Extract with their food or drink for a human like Holistic alternative! Or you can give it to them directly as a liquid snack as it is naturally sweet.

Research what Chaga Mushroom can do for humans, and give your pet Dog or cat the same advantage that you can do for yourself!

This Chaga Extract is carefully crafted by us here at Chaga Mountain, with a proprietary water extraction , with NO preservatives, but ALL natural Chaga Extract, Pure Un sulfured Molasses, and Vitamin E.

The Recommended Dose for your Dog is 2 to 4 Tablespoons in their food or water once a day, or 1 teaspoon for your Cat.

32 Fluid Ounces in a sealed food safe squirt type container.

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